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Japan in 2050 the robot industry won the first in the world


According to the USA "Forbes" magazine reported on January 28th, Softbank Group Chairman Sun Zhengyi recently in Softbank World Conference keynote speech hope Japan vigorously the development of robot industry in

2050 won the first in the world. But Forbes commentators think Sun Zhengyi idea of the existence of defects, he ignored the strong competitor -- China.
Population aging is one of the important reasons for Japan's economic malaise, machines to replace manual labor is the correct logic. Sun Zhengyi said, "robot", not only the industrial robot, also includes a "general, cheap, high

performance, and is suitable for various working conditions of robot". In 2012, Softbank investment a company named Aldebaran Robotics, then make it become group company (Softbank holds 78.5% of the shares). The

company was founded in 2005 in France, took the lead in the introduction of advanced humanoid robots NAO and Pepper. This company is Sun Zhengyi released Haoyan bottom spirit.
But the report points out, saying back, Sun Zhengyi may have overlooked the next Chinese. In the field of industrial robots, China does not possess the first mover advantages, is struggling to catch up with and surpass. But in

the consumer field of robot, Chinese actually and the world's developed countries at the same starting line, with Chinese conditions, leading the trend of the greater possibilities for the future. In the actuator and servo system

key, China enterprises have to achieve a breakthrough, and owned intellectual property core. More importantly, the same components (or even better performance), Chinese enterprise cost can achieve similar foreign

enterprises 1/10. NAO this humanoid robot, is currently in the Chinese domestic retail price of more than 150000 yuan, cannot go into family. And the humanoid robot Chinese enterprises for independent R & D, the retail

price is the equivalent of a iPhone 6 Plus, performance is not inferior to NAO. Similar to Segway walking robot such, have China enterprise after more than 10 years of independent research and development, open a new path,

also has the independent intellectual property rights.
Only the industrial chain to prosperity, potentially huge companies, this point, confirmed already in the mobile phone and telecommunication industry. In recent years, Chinese UAV industry (you can be interpreted as the flying

robot) and service robots in the home industry (represented by sweeping robot), the emergence of Dajiang creative and Ecovacs such potential technology company. In particular, the UAV industry, formed in Shenzhen highly

fragmented industry chain, this is Japan and even global any place does not have. Chinese huge consumer groups, so that enterprises around the robot's business model to explore more radical, are also more likely to be the

achievements of the "The Next Big Thing". Robot as the terminal after PC and the mobile phone is the strongest, to create eco system an apple like, only in the Chinese or America such powers. The so-called hardware and

communication with application pattern, already began to fall.
Due to the long prevailing China copycat, ability of enterprise and entrepreneur is seriously undervalued. In fact, there are many people silently doing original work, from all intellectual property rights, product design, material

application level to be a breakthrough. Indeed, the Japanese have a good toilet seat, electric rice cooker, ceramic knife, but Chinese also have the leading UAV, the window cleaning robot, humanoid robot, the walking robot.

Sun Zhengyi wanted to use the robot make the competitiveness of Japanese economy back first, unless China robot industry remain stagnant.