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Schaeffler in 2014 by General Motors 24 excellent supplier


In November 27, 2014, the global 24 factories won the Schaeffler USA GM in 2014 outstanding supplier award. The 24 factories respectively in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Schaeffler China, India, Korea, Germany, Romania,

Hungary and South africa. Schaeffler Group Automotive Division Chief Executive, Professor Peter Plouis (Prof. Peter Pleus) said, "Schaeffler has uniform in all manufacturing base in the world of high standard quality and

manufacturing level."
GM each selecting excellent supplier in the global supplier network in the past year, in recognition of their outstanding performance in the meet the exacting standards in terms of general motors. This year, GM has selected 310

sites from more than 2000 locations worldwide suppliers, Schaeffler in the 310 home occupy 24 seats. Shortlisted for the evaluation standards are 13, including quality and customer satisfaction. In addition to outside the

territory of Schaeffler win in quality, delivery reliability is still outstanding. Schaeffler is responsible for GM's client manager paper Delin, Backes (Wendelin Backes) said: "from the GM's reward is to Schaeffler high quality

performance of the consistent approval. We won the 6 prize in 2012, won the 13 prize in 2013, this year won 24, that we have been in progress."