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NSK opening ceremony was held in a new factory in Mexico


Comprehensive foreign reports, Seiko (NSK) recently in Mexico Guanajuato (Guanajuato) for the new plant opening ceremony.
It is understood that the plant put into operation in 2014 April, and to start mass production in July, mainly to provide bearings for automobile manufacturers and automotive parts manufacturers. The new factory successfully

enabled the sign of Japan's bearing manufacturers for the first time in Mexico to set up factories and production.
Seiko President Otsuka Kio (Norio Otsuka) said: "in order to ensure that NSK in the North American market growth, we are seeking expansion. The Mexico plant will use the latest equipment and technology, in the localization

policy, we will be committed to improving product quality, strengthen the cost competitiveness, shorten the delivery time and ensure the quality and safety."
Currently benefiting from the North American Free Trade Agreement of preferential policies, continued to grow steadily USA, Canada and Mexico car city, Japan and Europe and the United States automobile manufacturers

continue to accelerate the pace of expansion in Mexico. NSK will through its located in Mexico and American plant to further expand the company's business in North America market.