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Schaeffler, the first half of the year operating profit of $13.1% to maintain strong growth


According to the Reuters reported, due to the main markets in Europe, America and China etc. good economic environment, Schaeffler expects its operating profit rate will stabilize at a higher level of the current.
Schaeffler is German mainland group's largest shareholders, the first half of this year's operating margin reached 13.1%, and the third quarter has maintained strong growth in the first half of the.
Schaeffler CEO Klaus Rosenfeld in an interview with the media said, the company full year pre tax operating profit rate target is 12% to 13%, the main market, although there are some difficult to assess the political and

economic risk, but the overall economic trend is still optimistic.
The first half of this year, the Schaeffler sales income of 5990000000 euros ($7502000000), more than half of them are from the European market revenue contribution, about 20% from America, 10% from China.