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Make a contribution of Schaeffler will drive technology and renewable energy in energy saving


Annual revenue of about 10000000000 euro, in 49 countries around the world with 170 branches of industrial bearings, attention to development of hundreds of years, small to dental drill, to fan, airplane or rocket, leading the

global auto market driven supply technology and components, it is the German Schaeffler group.
For a family business, such result is commendable, but Schaeffler set a higher goal: efficient driving, driving the future (Mobility for tomorrow). Held in Suzhou in November 26th to 27 in 2014 Schaeffler Greater China Automotive

Technology Seminar, the group chief executive officer and chief financial officer Claus Rosenfeld said: "efficient driving, driving the future is the development direction of Schaeffler for the next 10 years. Both the car or industrial

areas, we will be the future of human life more efficient, cleaner and more convenient to drive products and solutions."
Schaeffler attaches great importance to "clean", which is in line with the German style of enterprise, and conform to the trend of global emission reduction. Group deputy chief executive and chief technology officer of Professor

Peter Guzmer points out, the Schaeffler will drive technology, city traffic, inter city exchanges and renewable energy to contribute to human tomorrow in energy saving.
With the rapid development of economy and the increasing emphasis on emission reduction, Chinese has become one of the most important market in schaeffler. Since 1995, investment in China up to now, Schaeffler already

has 7 production plants, 1 R & D centers, 20 sales offices and more than 9000 employees. The first 9 months of this year, sales of Schaeffler Greater China region to achieve 25% year-on-year growth in the region, ranked

first in the world.
Schaeffler the automobile division president Yang Hanbing said: "we are in Chinese market success to innovation and stable customer relationship. China current automobile market demand for energy efficient and intelligent

products increasingly strong."
"Innovation is one of the core elements of Schaeffler's success." Rosenfeld emphasizes, "our in-depth understanding of customer needs, to predict trends in the industry, providing innovative technology and first-rate products

through the globalization and the localization of R & D network."
In other words, the Schaeffler very down to earth. With the China government proposed in 2020 the passenger vehicle integrated fuel consumption to emission reduction target of 5 L / 100 km, officially launched the "Chinese

concept car" plan Schaeffler two years ago. The car is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.
Professor Kuzma said: "the new energy vehicle propulsion program is Chinese unique, government by laws and regulations or subsidies to promotion plan. We are very happy to be able to participate in the project." Impetus for

the development of new energy vehicles Chinese lies in the automobile industry excess capacity, carbon dioxide emissions exceed the standard, economic development and energy security unbalance factor.
He added: "the next 20 years, will be the proportion of electric and hybrid continues to rise. China concept car represents Schaeffler for the recent strong hybrid future can realize assembly vision. Can help China and the world

in the face of the future more stringent fuel economy standards."
Chief technology officer Schaeffler Greater China region, Dr. Chen Yu said, through the China concept car, the technical expertise of Schaeffler realized the transfer from Europe to the China. Schaeffler also will effectively

enhance the China local automotive design and integrated ability, and strengthen the team with Schaeffler Schaeffler China Germany, Schaeffler engineering company, the mainland group and Changan Automotive in vehicle

level cooperation ability. The 2013 section of Changan to escape the three compartment model based on this concept car, in 2017 is expected to achieve mass production.