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TIMKEN analysis of the disassembly of the bearing form


Bearing when removing and installing the same careful. Careful not to damage the TIMKEN bearings and other parts, especially the interference fit bearing disassembly, difficult operation. Therefore, in the design stage to take into account the convenient disassembly beforehand, removal tool based on design is also very important. In the demolition, according to the order of drawing research removing method, and investigated tie conditions, in order to obtain the demolition job of foolproof.
Removing the interference fit of the outer ring, the outer ring is set in advance at several points in the circumference of the shell by screws screw extrusion, equally tighten the screw, while the demolition. The screw holes usually cover a blind plug, the separation bearing of tapered roller bearing, in shell retaining shoulders set up several notches, using the pad, press remove, or gently beating demolition.
Demolition of inner ring, can be used to pull out the simple mechanical pressure. At the same time, we should pay attention to inner bear the pulling force.
The inner ring of large bearing removal using hydraulic method. To oil through the oil hole is arranged on the shaft, so easy to draw. Width of TIMKEN bearings oil injection combined with drawing fixture, disassembly operations.
The inner ring of NU type, NJ type cylindrical roller bearing disassembly can use induction heating method. Local heating in a short time, the inner ring of the drawing after expansion method.
Demolition of relatively small adapter sleeve bearings, supporting inner ring with the fastening on the shaft block, the nut back after several times, using hammers beating demolition for pad.
Large bearings, hydraulic removal easier, oil hole in the taper hole on the axis of the pressurization oil, so that the expansion of the inner ring and method for disassembling bearing. In operation, a bearing may suddenly prolapse, best to use nuts as a block as well.
In the TIMKEN bearing raceway and rolling body surface under alternating load, because the contact surface of the surface metal of flaky peeling, and gradually expand and form the pit. If it continues to run, it will form the area of spalling area. Because the center line tilt causes improper installation or bearing seat hole and the shaft will make the bearing in the local area bear larger load and early fatigue failure.
Material defects and improper heat treatment, with the amount of interference is too large, the combination of improper design, such as the bearing surface with grooves and cause stress concentration, will form a ring crack and fracture.
When the external hard particle of matter into the TIMKEN bearings, and the pressure between the rolling elements and raceways, can make the surface of rolling forming indentation. In addition, excessive impact load can also make produce local plastic deformation and the formation of pits contact surface. When the bearing static, even if the load is very small, because the environmental vibration will also in the raceway on the formation of uniform distribution of pit.
When the rolling bearing seal is not good, make the material dust or particles into the bearing, or poor lubrication, abrasion of contact surface will cause more serious or wear, and the bearing vibration and noise increases.
The current through the bearing, will produce electric spark small, leading to local annealing contact surface and the emergence of a pit or a black spot. In serious cases will appear larger pits into.
Water or acid, alkali, salt substances invasion or improper selection of bearing lubricant will cite bearing corrosion, precision bearing even slight corrosion will also enable end-of-life bearings.
TIMKEN bearing, especially high speed bearing, due to lack of lubricant, the retainer and rolling body or a ring contact points to the wear, collision, and even cause fracture of cage.